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Gloria Burgess J. Dare to Wear Your Soul on the Outside. Live Legacy Now

In this inspirational book, Gloria Burgess uses the touching story of her fathers relationship with William Faulkner as a starting point to explore a classic topic: how to bring forth the character qualities of love, wisdom, trust, faith, gratitude, creative action, vision, and integrity. Burgess declares the sacred promises of legacy living as part of a transformational process that helps us connect to our past by honoring those who came before us, living with intention in the present, and freeing our talents so we can realize our potential. Dare to Ware Your Soul on the Outside also includes practical exercises for fostering greater authenticity and purpose in our lives.

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Dave Anderson How to Run Your Business by THE BOOK. A Biblical Blueprint Bless

A revised Second Edition of the book that shows you how to use Bible-based leadership principles to improve business performance In How to Run Your Business by THE BOOK, famed leadership guru Dave Anderson reveals biblical lessons to help transform the people, culture, and results of your business. Not only will you master timeless business principles based on the worlds bestselling book, youll build a foundation for your business that leads to long-term success. Its a refreshing return to commonsense business basics, based on leadership lessons peppered throughout the Good Book. Youll read what the bible has to say about hiring and training people, managing money, creating a leadership vision, achieving ambitious goals, and much more. This new Second Edition features a new introduction that includes letters from readers about their success using these principles, a new chapter on leading through crisis, and bonus sections at the end of each chapter that offer new and expanded insights on these powerful leadership principles. Includes practical, proven business guidance gleaned from the Bible Features smart business guidance like the High-Five Principles for elevating your people skills, Four Mandates to Maximize Your Time, and How to Overcome the Number One Cause of Management Failure Fully updated with a new Introduction, new section chapter conclusions that help you follow through on each chapters principle, and an entirely new chapter on crisis leadership Dave Anderson is also the author of Up Your Business!, If You Dont Make Waves, Youll Drown, How to Deal with Difficult Customers, and How to Lead by THE BOOK Best of all, you dont need to be familiar with the Bible to profit from these wise and timeless principles. All you need is a heart open to biblical wisdom and a willingness to lead with courage.

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Robert Hoffman Meeting Excellence. 33 Tools to Lead Meetings That Get Results

Meeting Excellence is a comprehensive resource that provides a wide range of ready-to-use tools that have been developed and tested by a meeting initiative within Novartis Pharmaceuticals. It is based on years of research observing team meetings, examining existing meeting documents, and conducting a number of intensive individual interviews in the U.S. and Europe. This important book offers the information and tools needed to prepare, facilitate, and follow up on all your meetings. Step by step, Meeting Excellence shows how to Create an action-focused meeting agenda Ensure that everyone participates in discussion Deal with disruptive and inattentive people Develop a climate of trust among meeting participants Create and deliver effective meeting presentations Stay on track to achieve your meeting goals Achieve clear communication during a multicultural meeting Liven up a dreary and unproductive meeting Close your meeting on an upbeat and positive note Get action on team action items Improve meeting communications with line management Evaluate your meeting quickly and effectively Choose among various web-based meeting tools

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Adam Toren Starting Your Own Business. Become an Entrepreneur!

The easy way to help your kid start a business Do you have a budding entrepreneur on your hands whos anxious to bring the next great business idea to life? Make their dream come true with the accessible, expert help in Starting Your Own Business. Written with young learners in mind, this book walks your child through the steps that turn a bright idea into a profitable business. An extension of the trusted For Dummies brand, Starting Your Own Business speaks to juniors in a language they can understand, offering guidance and actionable plans to turn their business idea into a reality. From setting goals to putting together a plan that encourages others to help them get their idea off the ground, it offers everything kids need to get their business started and make it grow. The book features a design that is heavy on eye-popping graphics that hold childrens attention The content focuses on the steps to completing a project A small, full-color, non-intimidating package instills confidence in the reader Basic projects set the reader on the road to further exploration Children are notorious for their huge imaginations. Now, their ideas can live in the real world—and translate to real profit—with the help of Starting Your Own Business.

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Laura DeCarlo Resumes For Dummies

Master the art of resume writing and boost your chances of getting hired With unemployment rates still running high, getting an edge up on the competition in your field—whatever it may be—can be an intimidating and exhausting undertaking. Luckily, Resumes For Dummies is here to serve as your life raft as you navigate the murky waters of a modern-day job search. Inside, youll find expert guidance on writing a winning resume that will set you head and shoulders above the crowd to land that elusive interview and get the job of your dreams. Theres nothing easy and breezy about looking for a new job—whether you currently have one or not. But rather than succumbing to the panic that might convince you to hide under the covers, Resumes For Dummies arms you with the confidence you need to write a resume that will have prospective employers knocking your at your door. Includes tips on avoiding common resume-writing mistakes Provides updates on the latest changes in the job market that youll need to take into account when writing a resume Outlines how to approach a lay-off in a professional light Covers how to confront privacy and reputation issues in online social job search Whether youre a recent graduate, second-timer looking for your next job, prime-timer who hasnt job-searched in decades, or the unfortunate victim of a lay-off, Resumes For Dummies takes the fear out of putting your skills on paper and sets you on the path to getting your foot in the door—and landing the job of your dreams.

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Sarah Fu Christensen Bad Birthdays: The Truth Behind Your Crappy Sun Sign

The truth behind your crappy sun sign.Sick of reading the perky promises and positive affirmations that apply to your sun sign and then having a crappy week? After perusing your sun sign, are you the person who always moans, “I am soooooooo not a typical Aquarius!” If so, then Bad Birthdays is the antidote to your mistrust in the world of the zodiac.Revealing the truth (whether you like it or not) about your shitty star sign, Bad Birthdays uncovers the true quirks, oddities, and unpleasant nasties that characterize your unlucky sign of the zodiac and rule your destiny. When it comes to love, do you think that watery Pisces are naturally romantic lovers? Think again – if you’re unfortunate enough to have a relationship with a Plagued Pisces or a Contemptible Cancer, you’re in trouble. Reference the relationships sections to rate your compatibility with other star signs, or at least highlight where the cracks are going to show.With special sections detailing which unlucky personalities you share your birthday with, as well as unfortunate events that might have happened on your birthday, Bad Birthdays contains all you’ll never need to know about your sign.So whether you’re a Cursed Capricorn, a Tragic Taurus, or a Lousy Libra, we’re all doomed to a destiny that is far less peachy than everyday astrologers would have us believe.

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GILDAN Autism Awareness Shirt I Teach Whats Your Superpower

Richard Andrews Dont Buy Your Retirement Home Without Me!. Avoid the Traps and Get Best Deal When Buying a in Community

Invaluable advice for making a sensible purchase on a retirement home Like most retirees, youve worked hard your whole life and now youre looking forward to starting a new chapter of your life in a retirement home community. However, purchasing a retirement home can be a daunting experience and the cost of making a bad decision can impact your entire family. Thats where this helpful book comes in. Retirement-savvy author Richard Andrews offers straightforward advice on making wise financial and lifestyle decisions that could change your life for the better. Covering everything from what to expect from your lawyer and accountant to negotiating with retirement home community operators, this guide dives into the basics of purchasing a home in a retirement home village, and adapting to your new lifestyle. Walks you through complicated retirement village contracts and what they mean Offers useful tips for choosing a retirement village that suits your needs Includes suggestions for selling your current home, downsizing your possessions and adjusting to a new life Looks at the perks of living in a retirement village community: great company, security, and homes that are designed for easy living

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Guthals Building a Mobile App. Design and Program Your Own App!

Coding is cool, and these fun projects help you get started today! Building a Mobile App offers basic lessons in Android development, designed specifically for kids! Three fun projects walk you through basic coding skills using MITs App Inventor—a free, online programming tool that uses a simple block style language that makes coding easy to learn. No long chapters to read, and no homework—just dive right in! Youll begin with a basic project that shows you how to make an app that works; next, youll put those skills to work on a photo editing app that takes your skills to the next level. Finally, youll level up one more time to become a Game Maker—thats right, youll actually build a mobile game that you can send to your friends! Each project includes step-by-step directions and plenty of graphics to help you stay on track, and easy-to-read instructions help you complete each project frustration-free. App building can get pretty complicated, but it doesnt have to start out that way. Start small to pick up the basics quickly, and youll be coding in no time! This book helps you get started quickly and easily, with a focus on fun. Build your own Android mobile apps using a free online platform! Code everything yourself, including buttons, screens, and interactions! Build an app that lets you draw on pictures you take! Create a simple, interactive game you can share with your friends! Adults all over the world turn to For Dummies books for clear instruction with a sense of humor; the Dummies Junior books bring that same «learning is fun» attitude to kids, with projects designed specifically for a kids interests, needs, and skill level. Building a Mobile App gets kids coding quickly, with fun projects theyll be happy to show off!

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Kim Lavine The Mommy Manifesto. How to Use Our Power Think Big, Break Limitations and Achieve Success

It’s time for a new women’s revolution, but this time it’s not political—it’s personal. Its a time of historic opportunity. Learn what it takes to create the life of your dreams by starting your own business from your kitchen table, without compromising your job as a great mom. Find the money you need to start your business, then master the cutting-edge tools of social media to take it to the next level. With the American economy on the ropes, a New Economy is being created, and this time moms are in charge, controlling $8.5 trillion annually in consumer spending in a consumer economy that is in crisis. The rules of business are changing; master them and get rich. Learn powerful techniques to face down fear and push aside doubt, using newfound confidence to seize opportunities and get ahead. In The Mommy Manifesto, Kim Lavine—bestselling author of Mommy Millionaire—presents a provocative message of empowerment for all women, inspiring you to question the status quo and see new opportunities where none existed before. This is a manifesto for dreaming big, developing your confidence, and using your power and influence to create positive change—in yourself and our society. You’re either part of the revolution, or you’re part of the problem. The time is now to take control of your financial destiny! Kim Lavine, America’s expert on inspirational business advice, will show you how in The Mommy Manifesto.

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Elisabeth Carpenter 11 Missed Calls: A gripping psychological thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat

Anna has always believed that her mother, Debbie, died 30 years ago on the night she disappeared.But when her father gets a strange note, she realises that she’s never been told the full story of what happened that night on the cliff.Confused and upset, Anna turns to her husband Jack – but when she finds a love letter from another woman in his wallet, she realises there’s no-one left to help her, least of all her family.And then a body is found…

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Doug Newcomb Car Audio For Dummies

Thinking about a knockout audio system for your car? Not sure what you need, want, or can afford? Car Audio For Dummies is a great place to find some answers! But wait – what if speakers that vibrate your floorboards don’t turn you on? What if you’re thinking more about hands-free phone access and a DVD player to entertain the kids? Surprise! Car Audio For Dummies can give you a hand there, too. Whether you want to feel as if your favorite band is performing right on top of your dashboard or you want to keep the soccer team entertained on the way to the tournament, this friendly guide can help. From planning your system and buying components to getting them installed and protecting your investment, you’ll find plenty of wise advice. Get the scoop on: Figuring out what kind of equipment you need to do what you want Identifying good sound quality when you hear it Adding components to a factory system Choosing a video player, hands-free phone system, amplifiers, speakers, and more Finding a reliable installer (today’s automotive electronics systems are so complex that you probably won’t want to go it alone) Understanding warranties and returns Protecting and insuring your system Car Audio For Dummies is sort of like that knowledgeable friend you want to take along when you tackle a project like this. Sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it?

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Stephen L. Nelson Quicken 2011 For Dummies

The classic guide to the leading personal finance software—completely updated! As the number one personal finance software on the market, Quicken empowers you to take control of your personal finances quickly and effortlessly. Providing you with a thorough update of all the latest features and enhancements to the new release of Quicken 2011, Stephen Nelson shows you how to track your day-to-day finances, better manage your investments, evaluate the tax implications of your financial decisions, and much more. Veteran author Stephen Nelson provides a thorough update to his classic bestseller on the number one personal financial management planning program Shows you how to track your day-to-day finances, better manage your investments, boost your personal savings, be more responsible with your spending, tackle debt, and more Presents a fun and friendly approach to a topic that many people find intimidating or overwhelming and quickly and easily helps you take control of your personal finances Whether youre a first-time Quicken customer or looking to take advantage of the updates the latest release has to offer, Quicken 2011 For Dummies offers a straightforward-but-fun approach to this popular personal finance software.

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The Best Guide | Бренды Made in England

В принципе, может быть, что что-то еще делается в Англии (вроде как и Marks&Spencer что-то еще в Англии делает, но это большая редкость — и кстати, …

House of Holland Spring 2019 Ready-to-Wear …

House of Holland Spring 2019 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show Collection: See the complete House of Holland Spring 2019 Ready-to-Wear collection.

House of Holland at London Fashion Week 2017 …

House of Holland at London Fashion Week 2017 . aeriska. 2017-09-14 20:59:05

Gloria hollander lyon mommy whats that number on your arm a 6374. Новые коллаборации: Prada, Melissa, House of Holland и другие ...

23 июн 2012 ... Дизайнеры и художники создали летние коллекции одежды и аксессуаров для Casio, Melissa, Prada и других марок — Look At Me.

Элиза Каммингс обнажилась для рекламы очков House of Holland

1 июн 2014 ... Британская модель Элиза Каммингс (Eliza Cummings) снялась в фотосессии для коллекции очков House of Holland сезона лето 2014.

House of Holland Resort 2019 Fashion Show в …

04 янв. 2019 г.- The complete House of Holland Resort 2019 fashion show now on Vogue Runway.

Umbro × House of Holland: броский стиль 90-х - Brandshop

20 июн 2017 ... Провокация продолжилась в коллекциях House of Holland — теперь уже на уровне цвета и кроя, где красочные сочетания и регулярные ...

Бренд Holland Esquire — купить с доставкой в Москву и регионы ...

Доставка качественных товаров известного бренда Holland Esquire в Москву и регионы России от 6-и дней. Вы можете купить брендовые вещи Holland ...

Купить одежду, обувь, аксессуары House Of Holland в интернет ...

House Of Holland — модный бренд британского дизайнера-журналиста Генри Холланда (Henry Holland), который зарегистрировал его в 2007 году и ...

Дом Коменданта

Школа креативных индустрий «Маяк» — это образовательный центр для детей и подростков от 5 до 17 лет.

Очки House of Holland купить в Киеве - Солнцезащитные очки

У нас классный ассортимент. Интересовался очками House of Holland ? Мы продаем крутые, эксклюзивные модели. Заходите к нам на сайт!


Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu.

Автозапчасти со всего мира с доставкой по РК

Огромный выбор автозапчастей на все марки и модели легковых и грузовых авто (более 50 млн. наименований) - Различные варианты поставок: со складов в ОАЭ, Москве, Японии, Европы, а также с местных складов в Алматы

Новые коллаборации: Prada, Melissa, House of Holland и другие ...

23 июн 2012 ... Дизайнеры и художники создали летние коллекции одежды и аксессуаров для Casio, Melissa, Prada и других марок — Look At Me.

Holland Esquire | Shop at the Official Online Store

Buy from the Official Holland Esquire Store. Limited edition tailoring with a twist. Distinctive detailing matched with simple styles and unique fabrics.

Holland Esquire Black Moleskin Shawl Quilted Jacket XL - Amazon UK

Shop Holland Esquire Black Moleskin Shawl Quilted Jacket XL. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders.

The Code - Esquire

... and that was only the beginning. By Eva Holland ... The Everyday Heroes: Anthony Sadler, Alek Skarlatos and Spencer Stone. When a gunman attempted to ...

Holland Esquire Navy Blue Jacket, Prince of Wales Check 318 Slim ...

Holland Esquire Navy Blue Jacket, Prince of Wales Check 318 Slim Fit Jacket.

House of Holland | Разноцветное платье с …

Теперь его собственный бренд House of Holland предлагает платья, трикотаж и строгие костюмы, отличительными чертами которых являются яркие принты и эффектная контрастная текстура.

Gloria hollander lyon mommy whats that number on your arm a 6374. Umbro × House of Holland: броский стиль 90-х - Brandshop

20 июн 2017 ... Провокация продолжилась в коллекциях House of Holland — теперь уже на уровне цвета и кроя, где красочные сочетания и регулярные ...

Toughest 2015 - Esquire

... was the sole survivor of a sma… By Eva Holland ... The Everyday Heroes: Anthony Sadler, Alek Skarlatos and Spencer Stone. When a gunman attempted to ...

Holland Esquire X Sartorial 7 Collaboration | Mens Fashion Magazine

Sep 22, 2014 ... Our latest article has all the information for the Holland Esquire X ... According to their website, their aim is 'to inspire the everyday man to live a ...

Кузня - newhollandsp.ru

В новейшей истории Новой Голландии в здании Кузни расположился клуб и ресторан Kuznya House, который стал сердцем социальной и культурной активности острова.

House of Holland | ShiptoMe — Ваш посредник …

www.houseofholland.co.uk. перейти на сайт в США перейти на сайт в Европе. House of Holland - молодая британская марка завоевавшая любовь и популярность благодаря смелым и харизматичным образам, в духе поп-арт.

Holland Esquire | Shop Jackets

The Holland Esquire coats & jacket collection include modern classics from tailored coats to blazers, trend and classic jackets that can be paired up with ...

Holland Esquire для Мужчин - Купить в Интернет Магазине в ...

Holland Esquire для Мужчин: Одежда, Обувь, Сумки ✅ 2019 с Доставкой ✈ по России. Holland Esquire Мужская Коллекция Новинки Каждый День!

Коллекция House Of Holland осень-зима …

Смотреть фото новой коллекции женской и мужской одежды House Of Holland осень-зима 2019/2020

House of Holland Spring 2019 Runway

Gloria hollander lyon mommy whats that number on your arm a 6374. Дом Коменданта

Школа креативных индустрий «Маяк» — это образовательный центр для детей и подростков от 5 до 17 лет.

Интернет магазин колготок и чулок люкс …

Не выбрано ни одного товара. ... Hello Guest, Login. Ваша корзина. 0 (Руб. 0) товаров в корзине

House of Holland | Ознакомьтесь с ассортиментом футболок ...

Откройте для себя House of Holland на ASOS. Ознакомьтесь с новейшим ассортиментом футболок, джинсов и колготок от House of Holland.

Купить одежду Holland Esquire 2019 в Москве с бесплатной ...

Большой выбор одежды Holland Esquire на нашем сайте. Скидки до 70% каждый день и бесплатная доставка по Москве и России! 100% Гарантия ...

Коллекция одежды дизайнера House Of Holland Осень-зима ...

Смотрите новую коллекцию женской и мужской одежды House Of Holland Осень-зима 2019/2020. Все лучшие коллекции House Of Holland Осень-зима ...

London Fashion Week: Репортаж с бэкстейджей …

London Fashion Week: Репортаж с бэкстейджей House of Holland и Vivienne Westwood. Юлия Выдолоб 19 сентября 2011. Share Share Tweet. Купить рекламу. По традиции Look At Me публикует репортажи с бэкстейджей. Во второй день Лондонской недели моды нам удалось ...

Holland Esquire - Thackerays

Holland Esquire was launched in 2001 by British tailor Nick Holland. After growing up within the industry, his father was an influential tailor in the 1970s, Holland ...

Рок-очки House Of Holland | Buro 24/7

19 мар 2013 ... В новой рекламной кампании линии очков House Of Holland дизайнера Генри Холланда снялась юная рок-певица Иоанна Гика из ...

Луковицы тюльпанов из Белгорода

Луковицы тюльпанов, тюльпаны, луковицы тюльпанов для выгонки, луковицы тюльпанов из Голландии, голландские луковицы тюльпанов, выгонка тюльпанов, фото тюльпанов, фото и описание сортов тюльпанов, цветы тюльпаны ...

House of Holland, Хаус оф Холланд - мода на Relook.ru

House of Holland (Хаус оф Холланд) – молодой и эпатажный бренд модной одежды для женщин из Великобритании. Автором этой расчудесной марки ...

Amazon.com: Holland Esquire: Stores

See buying options. Holland Esquire Jacket in Blue Size 44R Linen. $513. ... Holland Esquire semi-Structured Jacket in Blue herringb Size 42R Linen. $559. 26.

Розничная сеть "Лавка Уфа" Интерьер для дома и дачи ...

Народные промыслы (87) Изделия из керамики (227) Искуственный камень (126) Изделия из латуни (117)

Интернет-магазин виниловых пластинок. С 2008 года.

Сегодня интернет-сайт - поддерживает ассортимент более 7000 пластинок. - еженедельно получает пластинки из Европы, Америки и Японии,

Randevu Restaurant

Very charming restaurant. We had party for 15 people. The owner of the restaurant was very pleasant and changed some dishes on menu and add my favorite dessert: blintzes with chocolate on my request.

Одежда Holland Esquire купить в Москве и Санкт-Петербурге ...

Компания Holland Esquire была основана в 2001 году всемирно известным портным Ником Холландом. За последние 15 лет название бренда стало ...

Holland Esquire — английская марка с вниманием к твиду. Купить ...

Твид от Holland Esquire — безкомпромиссное качество и английский вкус в каждой детали. Купить Holland Esquire — одежду из лучшего твида.

Holland Esquire - About us

Established by renowned tailor Nick Holland, Holland Esquire has become synonymous with expertly crafted tailoring and fine fabrics from around the globe.

Почему House of Holland сделал коллаборацию с Вуди ...

Вчера на шоу House of Holland в рамках Недели моды в Лондоне все внимание было приковано к одной-единственной звезде, которую знали и ...

Одинокий рейнджер — Википедия

Одинокий рейнджер (англ. The Lone Ranger) — вымышленный персонаж американских вестернов.Этот носящий маску и непримиримый борец с беззаконием техасский рейнджер в своих деяниях всегда находит поддержку у индейского друга ...

Образование и обучение за рубежом. Учёба за границей ...

Москва, м. Кузнецкий Мост/Лубянка, ул. Кузнецкий мост, д. 21/5, подъезд 4, этаж 4, офис 4026

Голландский дом | Квартиры в Ялте

Море, парк, инфраструктура - всё рядом. См. карту. До парка - 98м. До пляжа - 475м. До кинотеатра ...

Чехол Case Scenario House of Holland для …

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Cathleen Shamieh Getting Started with Electronics. Build Electronic Circuits!

Fun and engaging electronics projects just for kids! Do you have a cunning kid whos curious about what goes on inside computers, phones, TVs, and other electronic devices? You may just have a budding Edison on your hands—and what better way to encourage their fascination with electronics than a book filled with projects they can complete on their own? In Getting Started with Electronics, your child will follow simple steps to safely create cool electronics projects using basic materials that can easily be found at online retailers or hobby shops. Just imagine your childs delight as they use clips, switches, resistors, capacitors, and more to create circuits that control light and sound! From building a nifty LED flashlight to tuning in to a local radio station using a homemade tuner—and more—your little electronic wizs world is about to get a whole lot brighter! Features vivid designs and a short page count Focuses on your child experiencing a sense of accomplishment Projects introduce core concepts while keeping tasks simple Teaches electronics in a safe environment Built for the youngest of learners from the makers of the trusted For Dummies brand, you can feel good about giving your child a book that will spark their creativity.

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Harvey Reese How to License Your Million Dollar Idea. Cash In On Inventions, New Product Ideas, Software, Web Business And More

The classic guide to cashing in on your million-dollar idea Whether youve invented a great new product, or you have an idea for an app, an online business, or a reality show, How to License Your Million Dollar Idea delivers the information you need to snag a great licensing deal. Now in its third edition, this book has become the go-to source for budding inventors and entrepreneurs who have great ideas and want to cash in on them without putting themselves in financial risk. Licensing is the way to make that happen and this book explains exactly how its done. Youll get tested advice on how to protect your ideas and find a licensee for new products, apps, TV game shows, websites, software, and more. Youll also learn how to develop your creative thinking skills and objectively evaluate your ideas. Explains how to protect your new idea with or without patents and copyrights Directs you in finding the perfect person at the right company and on how to prepare a presentation that gets you to a «yes» Reviews sample licensing contracts to help you understand what your creativity and achievement entitles you to Youll also read accounts from profitable inventors on their own goof-ups and brilliant moves along their paths to success.

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Gordon McComb Building Your Own Robots. Design and Build First Robot!

Fun robotics projects that teach kids to make, hack, and learn! Theres no better way for kids to learn about the world around them than to test how things work. Building Your Own Robots presents fun robotics projects that children aged 7 – 11 can complete with common household items and old toys. The projects introduce core robotics concepts while keeping tasks simple and easy to follow, and the vivid, full-color graphics keep your kids eyes on the page as they work through the projects. Brought to you by the trusted For Dummies brand, this kid-focused book offers your child a fun and easy way to start learning big topics! Theyll gain confidence as they design and build a self-propelled vehicle, hack an old remote control car to create a motorized robot, and use simple commands to build and program a virtual robot—all while working on their own and enjoying a sense of accomplishment! Offers a kid-friendly design that is heavy on eye-popping graphics Focuses on basic projects that set your child on the road to further exploration Boasts a small, full-color, accessible package that instills confidence in the reader Introduces basic robotics concepts to kids in a language they can understand If your youngster loves to tinker, theyll have a whole lot of fun while developing their creative play with the help of Building Your Own Robots.

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Tracy Brian Eat That Frog! Get More of the Important Things

Fully revised and updated with additional content - this is a brand new edition of the bestselling Eat That Frog! There just isnt enough time for everything on our To Do list - and there never will be. Successful people dont try to do everything. They learn to focus on the most important tasks and make sure they get done. Theres an old saying that if the first thing you do each morning is to eat a live frog, youll have the satisfaction of knowing that its probably the worst thing youll do all day. Using eat that frog as a metaphor for tackling the most challenging task of your day - the one you are most likely to procrastinate on, but also probably the one that can have the greatest positive impact on your life - Eat That Frog! shows you how to zero in on these critical tasks and organize your day. Youll not only get more done faster, but get the right things done. Bestselling author Brian Tracy cuts to the core of what is vital to effective time management: decision, discipline, and determination. In this fully revised and updated second edition, he provides brand new information on how to keep technology from dominating your time. He details twenty one practical and doable steps that will help you stop procrastinating and get more of the important tasks done - today!

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Kerwin Jennie, Merttens Hilda, Ruth Im Ready for Maths. Adding & Subtracting sticker

Adding and Subtracting a is a bright, motivating sticker workbook that is part of Ladybirds Im Ready for Maths series. Written by experienced maths teachers, it covers all of the essential adding and subtracting concepts that children will be learning in school during Key Stage 1, such as number bonds to 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10, counting on and back using a number line for help, and adding or subtracting a small number to a larger number. The mix of stickers and colourful activities help to reinforce maths learning in a fun way, and there are helpful parent notes on every page, as well as a maths glossary for any parents who might be nervous about maths themselves!

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Donna Serdula LinkedIn Profile Optimization For Dummies

Optimize your LinkedIn profile—and get results Your LinkedIn profile is essentially a platform to shape how others see you, highlight your abilities, products, or services, and explain how your work impacts lives. Yet many people simply copy and paste their resume and expect job offers and networking opportunities to start rolling in—but that isnt how it works. LinkedIn Profile Optimization For Dummies shows you how to create a profile that enhances your personal brand, controls how others see you, and shapes a successful future for your career. Whether your goal is job search, branding, reputation management, or sales, people are Googling you—and your LinkedIn profile is more often than not their first point of contact. With a focus on who you are, the value you deliver, and the culture you cultivate, the profile youll create with the help of this guide will make that first connection a positive one—giving you a better chance to see results. Create a powerful LinkedIn profile Discover your personal keywords Showcase your experience and accomplishments Be seen on the worlds largest professional social network You never get a second chance to make a great first impression, and LinkedIn Profile Optimization For Dummies helps to ensure youre presenting yourself in the best possible light.

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Jonathan Clements From Here to Financial Happiness. Enrich Your Life in Just 77 Days

Just 77 days to a happier, more prosperous life! From Here to Financial Happiness is the day-by-day guide for anyone dreaming of a better life. Whether you’re dealing with debt, uncertain about retirement or simply want to get a grip on your finances, this book can put you on the road to happiness with a simple 11-week journey. Just 5-10 minutes a day to think about money, your habits, your goals, and your dreams. What steps can you take today to get your finances on track? What bad habits, bad investments, and misconceptions should you let go of? This book is packed with 77 days’ worth of real, actionable guidance for getting your money right—for good. It’s not an investment scheme, not extreme couponing, not something else to add to your daily to-do list. Instead, it’s about changing you—and the way you handle and think about money—so you can start building the life of your dreams. The next 11 weeks will be a revelation: Some days you’ll learn about finance, other days you’ll learn about yourself. Many days, you will be given a concrete list of things to do—right at that moment—to start steering your financial situation onto the right path. Learn how to stack the financial odds in your favor Amass savings for retirement, the children’s college or that next financial emergency Change your perspective on money and its role in your life Get your financial house in order—and keep it that way A better life is possible. You do have the power to change things for the better. From Here to Financial Happiness is your personal roadmap to financial freedom.

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Greg Bach Coaching Football For Dummies

Few experiences are more rewarding than coaching a youth football team. Your journey through the season will be packed with moments that make you smile and that you and your players will remember for the rest of your lives. But what if you’ve never coached before? No worries! Coaching Football For Dummies is the fun and easy way to tackle the basics of coaching youth football. This friendly guide shows you how to teach your players effectively, regardless of their age or skill level, and lead your team to victory—even if you’re a first-time coach. You’ll discover how to: Develop a coaching philosophy Teach football fundamentals Encourage good sportsmanship Improve your team’s skills Ensure safety on the field Communicate effectively with parents Packed with valuable information on preparing your game plan before you even step on the field, this hands-on resource gives you expert guidance in building your coaching skills, from evaluating your players and running enjoyable, productive practices to working with all types of kids—uncoordinated, shy, highly talented—at once. You’ll find a variety of fun-filled drills for teaching everything from tackling and blocking to running and catching, as well as advanced drills to take your players’ skills up a notch. You’ll also see how to: Conduct a preseason parents’ meeting—an often overlooked aspect of coaching Gather the necessary gear and fit the equipment to your players Raise the level of play on offense, defense, and special teams Take steps to avoid injuries Deal with discipline issues and problem parents Make critical half-time adjustments Transition to coaching an All-Star Team Complete with tips for working with parents, keeping your players healthy, and leading your team effectively on game days, Coaching Football For Dummies is all you need—besides a whistle and a clipboard—to navigate your players through a safe, fun, rewarding season!

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Maciej Kranz Building the Internet of Things. Implement New Business Models, Disrupt Competitors, Transform Your Industry

Connect your organization to the Internet of Things with solid strategy and a proven implementation plan Building Internet of Things provides front-line business decision makers with a practical handbook for capitalizing on this latest transformation. Focusing on the business implications of Internet of Things (IoT), this book describes the sheer impact, spread, and opportunities arising every day, and how business leaders can implement IoT today to realize tangible business advantages. The discussion delves into IoT from a business, strategy and organizational standpoint, and includes use-cases that illustrate the ripple effect that this latest disruption brings; youll learn how to fashion a viable IoT plan that works with your organizations strategy and direction, and how to implement that strategy successfully by integrating IoT into your organization tomorrow. For business managers, the biggest question surrounding the Internet of Things is what to do with it. This book examines the way IoT is being used today—and will be used in the future—to help you craft a robust plan for your organization. Grasp the depth and breadth of the Internet of Things Create a secure IoT recipe that aligns with your companys strategy Capitalize on advances while avoiding disruption from others Leverage the technical, organizational, and social impact of IoT In the past five years, the Internet of Things has become the new frontier of technology that has everyone talking. It seems that almost every week a major vendor announces a new IoT strategy or division; is your company missing the boat? Learn where IoT fits into your organization, and how to turn disruption into profit with the expert guidance in Building the Internet of Things.

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Carole Mortimer War Of Love

A Battle Royal? Lyon Buchanan was the man who had just about everything – looks, power, sex appeal, money. Was there a woman in his life, though? And, if not, had he frightened them all away?Silke reckoned that Lyon wouldnt know love if it jumped up and bit him on the nose… but maybe it was just about to. Because Silke was made of strong stuff and would give as good as she got!

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Heather Staker The Blended Workbook. Learning to Design the Schools of our Future

Successfully implement a blended learning program with this step-by-step guide! The Blended Workbook: Learning to Design the Schools of Our Future is the practical companion to Blended: Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools. Through real-world implementation exercises it will help you get the most out of the text. From understanding the basics of blended learning to fine-tuning your current program, this workbook gives you hands-on practice that will expand your knowledge base and help you develop a plan for your own classroom or school to create a student-centered education design that personalizes for all students. Key points drawn from over 50 case studies illustrate what works, what doesnt, and how to build a successful blended-learning program. This workbooks organizational structure allows you to jump in at any point to access field-tested exercises that will deepen your understanding of the design process. Blended learning is inspiring K–12 educators with an improved student experience that includes the best of face-to-face and online learning formats to personalize learning and deepen engagement. This workbook provides hands-on training exercises that help you design and implement an effective program with practical guidance from the experts. You will: Examine case studies that illustrate blended learning Solidify your understanding of effective blended-learning design Complete illustrative exercises to further your implementation expertise Evaluate the many paths blended learning can take, and implement what works best for your students Blended learning is a proven, highly rewarding learning strategy. However, the success of your program relies on proper design and implementation. As a companion to Blended this hands-on workbook helps you reap the benefits and strengthen your expertise.

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Joseph Luciani J. Reconnecting. A Self-Coaching Solution to Revive Your Love Life

Reconnecting A Self-Coaching Solution to Revive Your Love Life «Reconnecting is an extraordinary book that can end needless relationship struggle and frustration. Dr. Lucianis approach is to empower you to become a catalyst for change and healing. Regardless of the nature of your struggle, if you read this book, you will be in a position to direct the love back into your life and reconnect with the relationship potential that you once knew.» -Joe Franklin, legendary TV and radio personality «An enlightening and hands-on approach to exploring change in relationships. This remarkable book gives us all another opportunity to create better partnerships and benefit from the process. Dr. Luciani facilitates personal change in a clear and concise style.» -Janice Grossman, former publisher of Seventeen and New York magazines What kind of animal are you? Are you a tiger or a turtle? How about a peacock? Maybe a little bit of everything? In Reconnecting, youll find out how your animal personality and your partners lie at the center of the conflicts that plague your relationship. These animals represent habits of behavior we use to defend ourselves and hide our insecurities in relationships. Understanding them and breaking the habits that are characteristic of your personality type are key to transforming your relationship from a constant series of struggles into a loving partnership. Dr. Joseph Luciani explains how to put Self-Coaching to work to break these habits and make your relationship better, even if you must begin the process on your own with a reluctant partner. With clear, prescriptive advice and analyses as well as stories of Dr. Lucianis work with couples who successfully overcame bitter conflicts and developed loving committed relationships, this unique and invaluable resource is a powerful tool for anyone working through relationship issues. Read Reconnecting and discover how to start rebuilding your relationship today.

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Carol McClelland L. Your Dream Career For Dummies

From identifying your needs to exploring your options – make the right career move Changing careers by choice or due to circumstances beyond your control? Have no fear – this hands-on guide focuses on helping you find a new job, start a business, or return to school in a detailed, step-by-step manner. With concise, eye-opening self-assessments, youll understand how to assess your current situation, explore various career ideas, and identify ways to utilize your talents and skills in jobs that suit your lifestyle. Youll see how to build a career that lets you express who you are, fulfill your needs and desires, and live the life you want! Discover * Detailed, to-the-point explanations on outlining your action plan * The inside scoop on transforming your passions into career options * A wealth of tips, tricks, and warnings * How to blend your ideal career with the realities of your life

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